Cafe Mozart

"It's always sad when an essential element of your snacking life disappears..."

Cafe Mozart

Bean and gone

There have been endless items about the resurgence of the coffee bar. The growth, particularly in the City and points east, has been much trumpeted. Yet, my own feeling is that the quality of coffee in London is very variable - either some pissy soup in a tureen or some horribly burnt, bitter liquid in an espresso cup. Also, these places seem to rely on pre-prepared sandwiches that invariably run out by mid-afternoon.

RIP Cafe Mozart

So. I feel saddened when a coffee bar or sandwich bar that has been part of my snacking life disappears. Recently, I went to Swains Lane in Highgate to Cafe Mozart, a lonstanding Middle European-inspired coffee bar and restaurant, only to discover it was no more and had been incorporated into its newly expanded next door neighbour, Kalendar, and had ceased to be Viennese cakes and brown wood and had become anonymous minimalist modern.

Mozart always felt to me to be a staging post for the Bohemian bourgeoisie of Kentish Town and Highgate. It was part of local life. The interior was a burnished brown wood with Spartan wooden chairs and the food was a pleasing mixture of salad culture and Middle Europe. The cappuccino was good. There was a pleasing conviviality about the place, but alas, no more. It’s replacement isn’t awful, just very ho-hum and bereft of the timeless, fusty grace that made Mozart such a pleasing renezvous.

Tell London-RIP if your favourite local coffee bar anywhere in London has closed and you would like it acknowledged, appreciated and celebrated.